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Here’s the Concept, you decide: 

This car buyer, OfferMORE of Pinellas County, Florida sends you to any other dealership to get an appraisal (a certified offer to buy your car), then clients bring the written offer and OfferMORE beats it. Is this even legal?


Many local car dealers are not happy

They take the time to carefully inspect a vehicle, they research and consult with their partners before they make an offer. Dealers take the time needed to make a careful, thorough analysis as they must be able to resale a car while maintaining a solid profit margin.

But, what if you know in advance, that whatever offer they make you, you can get more? That’s exactly what this new car buyer promises. They will pay more than any dealer.
Of course, this controversial strategy allows OfferMORE to keep costs down since they don’t spend time inspecting your car… Instead, they just check over the appraisal brought, quickly verifying a matching the VIN and recent appraisal date.


The question… is this even legal?

Is this buying system even legal

Officers in Pinellas County weigh the legality of OfferMOREs buying strategy

Fortunately for OfferMORE, America boasts a free-market, so YES, it is 100% legal for anyone to pay more than the next guy for anything. In fact, it’s encouraged, we have both open and secret auctions every day for everything in America. Is this strategy fair? This may be considered ‘grey-area’, but in the end, it is indeed legal.
You see, when selling your car, you have every right to do whatever possible to find the best price. There is no law or ethics that change this lawful right, it’s a basic American freedom.  So, the fact is, OfferMORE is simply making things easy for those selling their cars, and easy for themselves. They save time and resources, and transfer the savings directly to their customers.


Is this car buying system ethical?

Dealerships have the resources available as they make a killing on selling used cars, often purchased at half the value. HALF THE VALUE!? That’s right, as dealerships have to often keep cars on lots for months at a time, maintain them, pay sales staff and overhead, the only way they can be guaranteed a large profit is to pay customers extremely low rates for their vehicles. So you decide, is it ‘fair’ to get more than half the value of your car…? We think so too.

Buyers, not sellers
Buyers only, not sellers

Companies like OfferMORE are car buyers only, they do not have large car lots like this one pictured

Another benefit; car buyers like OfferMORE are not car sellers. Hence, they will not be peddling any new car your way. They just buy cars. Where do the cars go? They do sell them, but at fast, next-day auctions where they are even willing to lose money on their purchase as long their average return is above a certain level.
Companies like OfferMORE are a next-generation solution that has become increasingly popular over the last decade with companies like CarBuyerUSA boosting “We Beat CarMax Offers and Appraisals”. The option to simply sell your car quickly, without the pressure to buy something is a welcomed addition to the market car sales marketplace for the everyday, American auto owner.



At the end of the day, companies like OfferMORE and CarBuyerUSA may be operating in a grey area from a business ethics standpoint but as far as consumers like real estate agent, Dylan Clawson of St. Petersburg Florida whom we interviewed; “I love their system, they gave me $370 more than CarMax was going to”, are more than happy with the approach.


Interview with OfferMORE Owner

“It’s not rocket science” says Ryan Kashtan, owner of OfferMORE. “We’ve been doing this for years, and we have already purchased over 50,000 cars here in Pinellas County. We enjoy what we do, we make a fair and honest dollar while providing a service that empowers people to buy their next car like a boss. Armed with cash, they can buy the best car, at the best price, with the best terms. It’s so much easier when you have the cash. So that’s what we do… we empower people.”

Ryan Kashtan of OfferMORE

We sat down with Ryan Kashtan of OfferMORE to get his thoughts on how the industry perceives his buying methods

After chatting with Ryan, we realized that they are actually enabling the American Dream. We all sell our cars and we all want the best price. But without car buyers like OfferMORE… we have fewer and less desirable choices.
Selling your car without all the headaches and hassles make a lot of sense. Being able to easily sell your car today and go out tomorrow armed with CASH leaves you with a solid negotiation upper-hand. You command the deal, car dealers want your cash, banks will roll over on financing, and the deal is done.

Now you’re the boss..!


About OfferMORE

OfferMORE is a family business, which has been engaged in the automobile business for more than 30 years. Throughout an illustrious history, OfferMORE has been able to offer a useful and enabling service to the people of Pinellas Country buying more than 50,000 different vehicles form folks just like you.